What Fing Did in 2022

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As the end of the year is approaching, it’s time to look back and review what happened in 2022. It’s been an intense year of releases and new features here at Fing, with a couple of relevant milestones. Let’s review the biggest news of this past year!

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Fing stats keep growing

The Fing catalog is in constant growth and every day we recognize more and more devices, brands, and operating systems.

Only this past year, we covered 70,000 new devices, taking our catalog to 314,000. On the brand side, we added 17,000 new brands, reaching a total of 40,000. Also, our operating system database was improved with 11,000 new units, for a total of 36,000 OS covered.

Among our catalog’s improvements, we are also growing as a community of users as we reached 15 million registered users on the Fing apps!

New features

We released several new features in 2022, most of them highly anticipated by our users. Keep on reading to check if you missed any of them!

Internet Tab and automated internet speed tests

Back in January, we released a brand-new Internet tab with a complete overview of the network’s internet performance. With this release, we also shipped a relevant new feature: Fing Premium and Fing Starter users can schedule their internet speed tests, to monitor the internet speed during that time. To do just that, check out our subscriptions and choose the best one for you!

Curious to know more? Check out all the details in our blog post.

Automated router vulnerability checks

With the April release, we added another long-waited feature: we automated our router vulnerability checks. You just need to set it up and choose if you want the check daily, every two days, or every week.

Discover how to schedule automated router vulnerability checks in this article.

Security Score

Most of our users wondered how they could understand the security level of their network at a glance. So, we developed our own Security Score, released in May along with a brand-new Security Tab!

Fing calculates the score depending on your network setup and settings. Since Fing Premium and Fing Starter users have access to more advanced features and security checks, they can reach the highest levels of network protection.

Learn how the security score works in this blog post.

Major releases

Along with these new features, both Fing App and Fing Desktop receive some major improvements during the year. Let’s see them in detail.

Fing Desktop 3.0

July welcomed the release of Fing Desktop 3.0, a major milestone for our desktop application. (We celebrated it with an impressive limited-time discount on Fing Premium, so be sure to follow us for more releases – and special deals! – to come).

Fing Desktop 3.0 came with a renewed Home Dashboard, designed to give you a quick overview of your network status. We also delivered a new Tools tab and made some changes to the Internet Outages and ISP comparison pages.

You can dive deep into Fing Desktop 3.0 at this link.

More recently, we released Fing Desktop 3.1 which includes a new Device Detail page. This section has a new and clearer structure now, with all the information you might need and quick access to the top features.

Discover more about this latest release here.

There is one more reason that made 2022 a special year for Fing Desktop. Back in August, Fing Desktop joined the official Microsoft Store. We are super proud as it’s a great recognition for our app!

Fing App 12.0

Our mobile app got an important update too. In October we released Fing App 12.0, which included some relevant changes.

The main dashboard received a major restyling: it is now called Overview and includes four cards to keep all the details of your network under control. We made our app even smarter: it now automatically detects the best network to monitor among the ones linked to the account. This new option is very useful for those who use Fing on the go. And finally, we revamped our Tools tab too.

Find out all the improvements of Fing App 12.0 in this blog post.

See you in 2023!

It’s been a long year! We spent part of 2022 improving the user experience of our apps and developing new features. Our commitment is to enhance network security and make it available for everyone.

Oh, and we can’t wait to share what’s on the roadmap for 2023, but we’ll have to block you right there – so please hang in there a little longer…

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