Fing and CommScope Home Networks joining forces

Fing and Commscope

​The Fing team is happy to announce that CommScope Home Networks’ SURFboard Central app is now integrated with our network scanning technology.

From today forward, the SURFboard Central app will integrate with Fing technology in network scanning. This will offer the app users advanced results in recognizing who is connected to their network.

Existing customers who own an ARRIS SURFboard modem can benefit from this integration with a simple installation, as there is no modem update required. From the updated app, users can access the brand-new “Network” tab and receive basic network information and device recognition powered by Fing.

For extended and more detailed results, ARRIS Surfboard customers can download Fing Desktop and get access to even more tools, including internet speed tests, automated security checks, the chance to block or pause specific devices and much more.

Together with CommScope Home Networks, Fing is committed to delivering innovation and is happy to bring its powerful device recognition technology to a wider audience.

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