How to Schedule Automated Router Vulnerability Tests


Have you ever worried about your router vulnerability? Our routers are the gateway to the Internet, allowing home networks to connect with the whole world. But they could also lead intruders or malicious strangers inside your Wi-Fi… and once the breach has been open, nothing will stop them from reaching all your connected devices (and eventually your data).

Are you feeling scared already? Don’t worry! With the latest releases of Fing Desktop we made the Router Vulnerability Checks automated for all Fing Starter and Fing Premium users, with the chance to set the schedule at your convenience.

Check all the advantages of our subscriptions on our detail page. Advanced features include an extended timeline of network events, intruders alerts, multiple automatic speed tests, unlimited tools and more. Still haven’t upgraded? Test this feature with our 7-day free trial on mobile!

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To get started, have a look at this quick tutorial:

​Pair Fing Desktop with Fing App to get the best of this feature

This is a new feature for Fing Desktop in addition to the existing one for Fingbox, but you can take advantage of it on Fing App too. Read this guide to know how to use it on mobile!

While the router vulnerability automation is always available for Fing Desktop users, you will need to pair your mobile with your Fing computer app to schedule it from Fing App. Of course, don’t forget to download the latest version of the Fing App!

If you have paired your mobile app to your PC already, you will have automatic vulnerability checks available on both apps, with the option to schedule additional vulnerability tests from any device at your convenience.

In case you have already upgraded but haven’t already linked your mobile and computer app, now is the time to do so!

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After doing that, you will find an area entirely dedicated to the vulnerability tests in the Security Tab. This will come with quick access to the timeline of the last events.

How to set automated router vulnerability tests with Fing

From now on, you don’t have to remember to run a router vulnerability test, as Fing will automatically manage it. We highly recommend setting the automated test as often as possible to have your network under control.

Setting an automated router vulnerability test with Fing is extremely easy. You can access this feature from the Security tab of your network on both Fing Desktop and Fing App. In the router vulnerability section, you can now schedule the automated tests choosing among different time frames, depending on your needs: every day, every two days, or every seven days.

You can also have full access to a brief history of the recent tests done, to track progress on this topic.

What happens when Fing finds a router vulnerability?

We all hope that your network stays safe and secure, but unfortunately sometimes things just go wrong. This is when Fing shows its potential!

In the unlucky event of router vulnerability detection, Fing Desktop will immediately send you a notification, so you can act quickly to close the open doors. The alert will then appear in the vulnerability section on both Fing Desktop and Fing App. You will also receive an email with an internet security alert, so you will be informed in real-time even if you don’t have access to Fing at that very moment.

So, this is what our last release is about. At Fing, we work hard to improve your network security. With the automated router vulnerability test, we move forward to give you the best protection for your home Wi-Fi.

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