Your Guide to Fing Starter

Fing Starter guide

We recently launched Fing Starter as a new intermediate subscription plan, especially for those who want to take a first step into their own network security. We aim to give more flexibility in your Fing subscription choice, giving more people the chance to reach higher network protection.

So, what can you do with Fing Starter? Let’s go through the features you will unlock with this subscription.

Network Monitoring

As a Fing user, you already know the importance of network monitoring. Intruders, bandwidth stealers, hackers: network threats are everywhere and it’s important to keep your home connection safe.

With the free version of Fing, the network scan for new devices happens every 60 minutes. By choosing the Starter plan, Fing monitors your network every 30 minutes instead, lowering the chances of network intrusions and getting closer to your peace of mind.

What if we find a new device? As a Fing Starter user, you will be notified immediately via our mobile app, so you can check your network update and act fast.

Advanced Security Tools and Automations

With Fing Starter you get access to advanced security tools too, such as router vulnerability checks. And the best thing is that you can automate them! Simply schedule a time for a recurring check on your router and let Fing do the work.

Fing Starter also includes automation for internet speed tests, so you can set them up multiple times per day and keep your internet speed always under control.

Timeline of Events

Do you want to get information about what has happened in your network in the past? Fing has got you covered on this too, with a timeline of network events such as devices going online or offline, or user presence.

With the free version of Fing, you can only see network events for the present day. With Fing Starter, you can go back to the previous 7 days instead, getting more useful information.

Hidden Cameras Detector

Last but not least, Fing Starter enables the Hidden Cameras detector on your apps. This feature identifies any kind of camera connected to your network in a few seconds, so you can act accordingly to protect your privacy. Using the Hidden Cameras detector is always a good idea, especially if you are traveling and staying in a rental apartment.

How to Upgrade to Fing Starter

Fing Starter is available for purchase via our website and on all Android applications. Once the subscription has been completed, you can take advantage of all the above features on both Fing Desktop and the Android version of Fing App. Support for the iOS app and purchase via mobile will follow very soon.

Try Fing Starter

Looking for the highest network protection and control? Consider upgrading to Fing Premium, our ultimate subscription plan which includes the chance to block or limit internet time for any device on your network. Check out our guide to know more.

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