Raise your network security walls

Elevate your network's protection by blocking intruders, detecting unknown devices, and automating router vulnerabilities checks.


Five-star feedbacks

Device blacklist

Block unwanted devices

Fortify your network against unauthorized access: permanently blacklist unwanted devices from connecting, keeping your Wi-Fi safe from repeat intruders.


Weak points detector

Automate router vulnerability checks

Strengthen your security: monitor potential weaknesses in your network, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring your systems remain safe from exploitation.


On-the-go Security

Find hidden cameras on any network you are

Ensure your safety in rental spaces: our database includes more than 12 million cameras, and with our advanced scanning technology you can get peace of mind and a secure stay.


Start using Fing now

Download Fing Desktop, set up your account and start scanning your network. It's free and it only takes a few seconds.

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