Learn more about the internet performance of your ISP with the Fing tools


Are you sure you are getting the internet speed you are paying for? Is the bandwidth provided by your Internet Service Provider worth the money you spend? And how does your ISP rank in your city, compared to other internet providers?

Fing can help you analyzing and comparing Internet Service Provider in your area. Fing App and Fing Desktop are is able to provide a lot of information about your local Internet Service Provider (ISP) network. Among the many features the mobile and desktop app supply, you can also learn a lot about the performance of your network based on your Internet Service Provider, as well as comparing it with the performance of other ISPs. Additionally, you can find other information such as ISP contact details, reviews and much more.

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Speed tests on Fing App and Fing Desktop

You can find out your internet speed both on Fing App and Fing Desktop, just as shown below, which displays both download and upload speed.

On Fing App, you also have the option to ‘Find the best provider’ in your own city. You can find this feature by scrolling down on the ‘Internet speed test’ tab, under ‘Your internet score’, as it is shown in the image below.

Once you have selected ‘Find the best provider’, you will see the Fing’s internet provider scoreboards, which are calculated automatically using measurements from Fing App and Fingbox speed test and quality ratings. The rank is a summary of aggregated percentiles, z-scores and deep-learnt statistics. You can use this scoreboard to see your provider’s rank and evaluate which ISP you can adopt next.

As you can see from the image above, you have the option to filter the scoreboard either by performance, user ratings or distribution. In addition, there is the option to see the rankings change of your country and not just your city, as shown in the picture below.

We recently released a major update of our Internet tab on both Fing App and Fing Desktop, including automated speed test. You can find more information in our dedicated blog post.

Comparison of internet providers with Fing

The Fing products also have the option to compare your own internet performance with other ISPs available in your area. This segment, both on the mobile and computer app, will present your ISP network performance, its weekly drop rate, its rating & reviews by other users and then it will also show you the best performance of other ISPs. An example of this feature on Fing Desktop can be seen below.

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