Fing Starter: Introducing Our Intermediate Plan

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Back in 2020, we launched Fing Premium as a way to offer advanced features to our users. And now, exactly three years later, we are adding a new layer to our plans to better suit the needs of Fing users all over the world.

Therefore, we are thrilled to announce the release of Fing Starter, a new subscription plan which offers some of the most-loved Premium features, at a fraction of the cost. It is an intermediate plan for those who want a higher network protection, without committing to the full Premium price. Cool, isn’t it?

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What’s included with Fing Starter?

Let’s start from the basics. The Starter plan includes all the features that you can enjoy with a Free plan: network scanning, device recognition, ISP ratings, internet speed tests, and so on. As a plus, with Fing Starter you activate more features to enhance your network security:

  • Receive network monitoring every 30 minutes, instead of every 60 minutes
  • Run router vulnerability checks, activated manually or automated
  • Schedule multiple internet speed tests per day
  • Find hidden cameras connected to your same network
  • Event notifications via mobile
  • An extended timeline of network events up to 7 days, instead of 1 single day
  • Receive full reports about your network

On the other hand, we will keep advanced security features (such as blocking devices, limiting internet time or scheduling internet downtimes) exclusively on Fing Premium, which will remain the most comprehensive Fing experience.

How much does Fing Starter cost?

Fing Starter will be available for $2.99 per month or with a 30% discount on the annual subscription which equals $24.99 per year, getting three months for free.

Check out the subscription page to see the price in your local currency.

Fing Starter and Fing Premium: Which Is Best for You?

Different plans come from different needs and you are probably wondering which plan is the best for you.

Our Premium plan includes all the advanced Fing features and offers complete coverage over your network threats with the option to block network access, auto-block unknown devices, limit internet time and schedule offline time. The complete set of advanced features is thought out for those who want the highest security and control over their network.

Instead, the Fing Starter plan includes some of the main Fing features to assist you in your network protection journey, such as automatic checks, and hidden camera or intrusion detection. While this plan doesn’t offer all our advanced features, it is ideal for those who want to take a first step into network security.

Check out our plans page for a side-by-side comparison between Fing Starter and Fing Premium.

Fing Starter: Where Can I Get It?

Our new plan is currently available for purchase through our website and Android application, and you can take advantage of its features immediately on Fing Desktop and Android mobile apps. Support for iOS and purchase through mobile apps will come very soon, so stay tuned and don’t miss our future updates!

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