Fing Desktop joins Microsoft Store!


We are proud to announce that, starting from today, Fing Desktop is available for download on the Microsoft Store!

While you can already download Fing Desktop from our website (both on Windows and macOS), being accepted in the official Microsoft Store is a massive milestone for our product. We are now joining a trusted marketplace with thousands of beloved apps from all over the world.

This news makes the lives of our users even easier, as you are just a click away from obtaining an accurate network scanner that will help you monitor and troubleshoot your home network.

Of course, the version you can download from the Microsoft Store is our latest release (Fing Desktop 3.0, at the moment).

You can get Fing Desktop via Microsoft Store at the link below, or simply open the store and search for “Fing” in the search bar.

Do you already have Fing Desktop installed on your PC and have a Microsoft account? Don’t forget to leave a review on the store to spread the voice!​​

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