Fingbox affordable home network security device launches


The world’s #1 network scanner is now available as a hardware for continuous network security and Wi-Fi troubleshooting features

San Francisco, CA – 21 November 2016 – Fing, the world’s most downloaded free network scanner, today announced the launch of Fingbox, a new IoT technology for homes. Fingbox is an all-in-one network security toolkit for homes, which has launched as a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. This new device is an affordable form of home security. Fingbox is a rounded blue physical box which unlocks a set of premium features on the free Fing mobile app. The Indiegogo campaign originally aimed to raise $25,000 USD, to put the device into mass production and bring easy to use network security and troubleshooting features to homes around the world. To date Fingbox has raised more than 1.1 million USD on Indiegogo and gained support from over 14,000 backers. Devices will be shipped in August 2017 with a second batch to follow in September 2017.

Fingbox fully funded its campaign goal and sold out of Super Early Bird perks within minutes of launching.

“Today’s homes are in the dark about what is happening on their network, especially when it comes to security. Homes need a simple tool to manage their connected technology and protect themselves against threats” said Domenico Crapanzano CEO of Fing. “We listened to thousands of Fing users who asked us for more control and to better understand their networks. Fingbox lets anybody secure their home network and troubleshoot their Wi-Fi problems, for an affordable one-off cost of less than $50.”

Home Network Security & Troubleshooting Features

Fingbox is packed with innovative IoT Technology and user friendly features to keep your home network system secure and to keep your Wi-Fi and Internet working efficiently.

  • 24/7 Network Security: In a matter of seconds, Fingbox automatically finds all devices on the network regardless of brand. It’s a form of systems monitoring that checks the status of all device continuously, including those essential to home security like smart locks and thermostats.
  • Intruder detection: Detection of intruders.
  • Device blocking: Real-time device blocking functionalities to keep your system secure. Device blocking also acts as a simple form of parental control.
  • Bandwidth analysis: Fingbox lets users visualizes bandwidth distribution and which devices are consuming the most broadband.
  • Wi-Fi Speed: Fingbox’s interactive Wi-Fi Sweet Spot finder enables users to find the best and worst places for home Wi-Fi connection.
  • Parental Control: A simple form of parental control, users can block and allow the devices their kids use like tablets, mobile phones and gaming consoles.
  • Alerts: Alerts can be configured for new devices, intruders, device status, network, family and guests.
  • Internet Speed: Real-time and historic internet speed is displayed in the apps through automated speed and latency testing.
  • Service Quality: Users can find out how fast applications are performing like Facebook and YouTube.

Affordable Network Security Device Hardware Specifications

Fingbox is housed in a Fing blue rounded box with technical highlights including:

  • Linux operating system
  • ARM 7 processor
  • 1 GB/s Ethernet port
  • 4GB home board storage
  • 512 MB RAM

The remote control to Fingbox is the existing Fing app for iOS and Android.

Affordable Network Security Device Availability

Fingbox home network security device is now available for purchase on our web shop. Fingbox was designed by the Fing founders and team which is comprised of experts in software development, computer networking, UX/UI design and marketing. Another added bonus of Fingbox is that there is no subscription fee!

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