Fing’s Home Cybersecurity Technology takes CES 2018 by Storm


Last week the greatest tech show on the planet, CES, took place in its hometown of Las Vegas. Every year CES is the epicenter of new technology and innovation, and this year was no exception. To exhibit at a show like this as a cybersecurity startup was very exciting! So much happened, and we met so many great people, that we could write a whole novel about it! But to save you from that reading challenge, we’ve instead put together our top 4 moments from CES 2018.

1. Happy Hours with the Fing Fans

We hate to sound like a sobbing actor accepting an Oscar, but we would be nowhere without the millions of Fing app users, and the thousands of people who backed Fingbox. They’ve not only supported co-founders, Marco and Carlo, in bringing their home network security device to life, but they have inspired the whole Fing team with the progression of Fingbox ever since. We love speaking with our app and Fingbox users via our social channels, but to actually meet Fing fans face to face is always an honor for us. Throughout CES we had many app and box users swing by the booth to say hi and catch up on the latest in Fing’s cybersecurity developments. We even threw a daily Fing Happy Hour, in which we had drinks, cupcakes and Fing merch giveaways! Check out our video below of our Fing Happy Hours.

2. Recognition from the Home Cybersecurity Industry

Fingbox got a lot of love at CES 2018! Not only did we get to meet Fingbox users and hear all about their experiences with home cybersecurity, but we also had hundreds of tech-heads venture over to the booth to hear all about our little box. The feedback from the booth visitors was that Fingbox has come at the right time for homeowners, providing them with visibility over their mounting smart tech, as well as peace of mind for their cybersecurity. On top of the love Fingbox was getting at the booth, we were also very proud to get industry-wide recognition at CES. Firstly, Fing came 5th in the Tech.Co CES Startup Night competition, in which we went head to head against 15 other startups for the title of Best Startup. The competition was fierce, but it is always fantastic seeing the passion of our fellow tech startups. The next big honor came from CES itself. Fingbox was selected as a 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Cybersecurity category – see below for a picture of our shiny plaque! To have our home cybersecurity solution singled out at the world’s biggest tech show, only 6 months after launch, was completely overwhelming for us here at Fing. We were also so happy to tell our original Fingbox backers. They took a chance on a small startup with a v.1 of a product, and we hope this award is a sign of good things to come for them and their box.

3. Announcement of our Partnership with Amtrust

Even bigger news for us at CES was the announcement of our partnership with AmTrust Financial Services, Inc, to launch a next-generation insurtech app, TapSafe™. TapSafe is a new warranty app that will enable consumers, through Fing technology, to automatically find, identify and protect all of the connected devices within their homes. Once opened, the app will instantly scan for every device connected to the home network, show the user what they own, and then provide them with the opportunity to easily buy warranty protection or technical support. With both Insurers and Technical Support companies historically struggling to provide an engaging experience to their customers, TapSafe looks to change this by making the provision of these services quicker and cheaper. We are very excited to be a part of Amtrust’s mission to disrupt these industries, and look forward to seeing where the app goes over the next year.

4. Light Up Drones!

Only at CES are you so repeatedly caught off guard by innovation. You can barely walk 5 meters without having your eye catch some new mind-blowing technology. For us, one the most incredible displays were the Intel Drone light shows. They were on every night and positioned perfectly above the Fountains of Bellagio.

A massive thank you to everyone who visited the Fing booth at CES 2018. We can’t wait for the next one! Watch this space over the year to see where we take Fing next.

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