8 Awesome Reasons Why Fing is the Best Free Network IP Scanner for Securing Your Wi-Fi


There are many reasons you may want to scan an IP internet network. You could be working in a technical role with a network that needs troubleshooting, you may want to know why your Internet speed suddenly dropped, or you may simply just want to know what devices are connected to your router. Either way, when you scan a network you want quick results that are reliable and easy to understand.

We hate to blow our own trumpet, but this is exactly why, with over 30 100 million downloads worldwide, Fing is the most popular best network IP scanner around. So, take a little browse below whilst we brag about the 8 awesome reasons why Fing is the best free network IP scanner for securing your Wi-Fi connection!

1. Fing is super-fast and the most reliable Network IP Scanner App around

Since 2009, Fing has delivered advanced IP network scanning features to both mobile devices (iOS and Android) and PCs (Windows and macOS). There is a reason the app Fing App has over 30 100 million downloads – our network scanning technology is trusted, reliable and super-fast.

Fing discovers any device on any network in seconds, and as the app identifies by MAC address you get loads of extra information to help you identify the devices on your network. As well as the IP address for each host, you also get data on the makes, models and brands, helping you quickly know what device is what.

2. Fing is free to download, and there are no ads

Fing is available for free on both mobile devices and PCs. You can download it for free and scan your network in a few minutes, with reliable results. Also, the app does not have any annoying third-party ads.

We have a subscription plan, Fing Premium, with advanced security features and unlimited troubleshooting tools. If you are looking for a real advanced network scanner, you can take a look at our detail page.

3. Fing is intuitive AND nice to look at it

MAC addresses and IP addresses can be overwhelming to look at – especially for those not used to seeing network information. At Fing, we want to make home networking easy and accessible for everyone. That’s why the Fing app includes a user-friendly, intuitive, and approachable design which makes IP networking more accessible for everyone.

We have put a lot of time into the design of Fing and continuously listen to our users’ feedback. Our mission is to make network scanning easy, for all.

4. Fing’s network IP scanning features just keep getting better

At Fing we know the only way to keep improving is to listen to feedback. We are continuously working with our Fing users to improve the app and deliver the network security and troubleshooting features they need.

So far, in 2022, we developed several new features such as a brand new Internet Tab (that includes automated internet speed tests to be scheduled multiple times during the day) and the recently added automated router vulnerability checks. Fing evolves constantly to help people understand their network and to continue to be the best network scanner around.

5. Fing includes many features beyond network IP scanning and alerts

In addition to scanning IPs, Fing has even more advanced free tools that were originally designed to help network technicians troubleshoot specific problems, and are now available for everyone. These include:

  • Ping: measure the Latency from your device to the internet (how long it takes for data to travel from your device to the internet provider, measured in milliseconds)
  • Traceroute: shows how many hops the device makes before it reaches the public internet.
  • Sending a Wake on LAN (WoL) command: waking up your device remotely. This is only available for devices that support WoL.
  • Service Port Scan: a secondary scan of your individual devices to check for opened ports with available services living on them. For some services, such as Web, FTP, SSH, Samba you can launch a connection with the service directly from the app (for the Web service, Fing will launch your web browser, for other services Fing will suggest other well-known apps you can download to handle those services).
  • Internet speed test: check out your ISP’s real internet speed, and get to know if you are receiving what you are paying for. You can also see how your Internet Service Provider ranks in your city or country, based on users’ reviews.

6. Thousands of positive reviews on the App Store, Google Play and Trustpilot

“The best network admin tool on play store. Hands down.”

“Years later an even better app.”

“With the new ‘night mode’ Fing is now better than ever.”

Just to quote a few from our Play Store, App Store and Trustpilot reviews. And positive comments keep on growing!

7. Fing helps you identify intruders that are connected to your network

One of the most popular reasons that our users love Fing is because it detects unwanted network intruders and WiFi stealers on their network. In one quick IP scan, users can identify any unknown device that’s on the network. The free Fing network scanning app does not include a Device Blocking feature (it would be very dangerous to allow just any user to block a device on a WiFi network. Imagine if anyone could connect to your network and start blocking all the devices on it?!), but if you are a networking whiz though, you can use the free Fing app to identify the MAC address of your intruder and then manually block them from the router yourself.

8. Fing Premium gives you advanced features and unlimited tools

Not enough? If you are looking for even more advanced features and unlimited security tools, we offer Fing Starter and Fing Premium, subscription plans that provide you with:

  • Email alerts once an unknown device enter your network
  • Network monitoring every 5 minutes
  • A higher number of speed tests per day
  • A wider timeline of network events
  • Advanced security features

You can find all the details, including costs, on the Pricing detail page.

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