Fing Insights #1: A Look Into Loudspeaker Devices


As for most, the end of the summer brings good intentions and new routines. This time, our ambition is to start sharing some of the analysis and oddities encountered in building Fing’s device catalog system. The result is Fing Insights, a new series for tech lovers and data enthusiasts. You can expect some unusual data to come your way!

It’s safe to say that Fing is committed to improving device recognition on a daily basis. To refine our catalog, we are constantly looking at what’s new and what’s changing in the market’s trends.

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These numbers tell a straightforward story about the devices that had the most success, the most appreciation or the longest life span, hoping you may use these unbiased insights to understand better the ever-changing market of personal and smart home devices.

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Loudspeakers: an overview

Our inaugural installment of Fing Insights will focus on data related to Wi-Fi connected loudspeakers. In June 2022, Fing recognized more than 105,000 loudspeaker devices.

Coming to the most popular models, here are the top 10 most recognized devices.

What can we say about this data? Keep reading to discover our three main takeaways regarding loudspeakers.

Sonos Supremacy

Of the top 10 devices scanned by Fing in June 2022, 8 are manufactured by Sonos alone. No question about who’s leading the game in network-connected loudspeakers.

Looking at the ranking, what’s immediately eye-catching is that the original Sonos ZonePlayer ZP100, a device first released in January 2005, is still going strong over 17 years later. In an age where ‘new’ itself seems to have a short shelf-life it’s refreshing to find such an old device still in demand.

The strong presence is confirmed by the many models, among which the most interesting is Symfonisk – it is the 14th most recognized model in June. Sonos collaborates with the furniture manufacturer IKEA to create a loudspeaker that doubles as a bookshelf. The 2nd generation Symfonisk is available from early 2022.

As we scout the web for device details, we encounter relevant articles that may help you improve your setup and your daily usage. If you are a Sonos owner, check out this article to discover a few tricks to improve your devices’ knowledge, such as turning it into an alarm clock, or doubling it as a computer speaker, and more.

A New Challenger Awaits?

Despite Sonos occupying the majority of the ranking, the second most recognized loudspeaker in June is the Nebula Soundbar (FireTV Edition). Nebula is a brand owned by Anker, and this model was made in collaboration with Amazon. Coincidentally, it’s also the second most recognized loudspeaker ever, to date.

It’s worth mentioning Nebula does not actually make loudspeakers, at least not in the conventional sense. It specializes in high-resolution projectors that double as loudspeakers. Of any competitor, Nebula seems the best equipped to challenge Sonos’ dominance at the moment.

Do you want to know more about the Nebula Soundbar? We found this very thorough overview for you.

Next In Line

Bose’s Soundbar 700 is the manufacturer’s only speaker in our Top 10. Although the list is Sonos-heavy, this indicates an opportunity in the market for its competitors to seize upon.

Although Bose can compete in the loudspeaker market, the manufacturer’s active focus in other areas – unlike Sonos – may work to its detriment. According to its official store, as of September 2022, along with speakers the manufacturer also currently sells headphones, earbuds, sleep aid devices, and audio sunglasses. By contrast, other than its range of speakers, Sonos only sells accessories that help improve its speakers such as subwoofers, mounts and turntables. Bose also abandoned plans to manufacture direct-to-consumer hearing aids in July 2022.

If you’re interested in a duel between the Sonos One and Bose Soundtouch audio quality, here’s a quick “no fluff, just stuff” video: a minute-long soundcheck alternating the two systems playing the same audio.

What about other audio device types?

If you’re wondering, Fing categorizes “Loudspeakers” as devices that primarily function to broadcast audio. Devices with more central roles in an audio setup, such as amplifiers and smart home players are instead categorized as “Sound Systems” or “Media Players” in our catalog. Therefore, the ranking doesn’t include some well-known brands.

Final thoughts

To sum up, we explored the world of loudspeakers according to our catalog data. We delved into the dominant world of Sonos’ devices and their challengers such as Nebula and Bose.

Curious to know more about other devices? Don’t miss the next installment of Fing Insights.

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