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Our Clients

Fing technology brings device visibility to Avira consumers

Avira embeds Fing Device Recognition technology its free app Home Guard and secure router Safe Things. Using Fing Development Toolkit saves Avira Product and Engineering resources and facilitated a faster go to market.

Netgear to use Fing End Point API in routers

Fing Device Recognition technology is used in certain Netgear router management systems. Netgear customers log-in and understand all the connected devices on their network allowing them to take actions to control their network.

TapSafe Smart Device Warranties uses Fing

AmTrust uses Fing SDK in its TapSafe smart device warranty app Fing technology matches identified devices to available warranties in the app. This partnership delivers higher conversions to warranty purchase for AmTrust.

BestBuy Home App for appliance support

Fing’s Device Recognition technology is embedded in the BestBuy Home App allowing BestBuy to surface relevant product information to customers directly so they get the most from their connected products.