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Global Internet Speed Rankings

Global Internet Speed Rankings by Fing

We recently launched free internet speed tests on Fing App for iOS and Android so you can measure your network speed on the go. With this release, we also gave you the ability to rate your ISP and see how they perform against other providers in your area. The Fing Community has been very busy testing. After 30 days, more than 1.5 million speed tests have been carried out and we've had more than 200,000 ratings and reviews of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). We’re super-excited to share a snapshot of the good, and the bad, of global internet speeds and ISPs with you today. 

Global Internet Speed Test Rankings speed test score

How Fing App rates ISP speeds

But first, let’s recap how Fing rates ISP speeds. As opposed to other speed tests out there, Fing App, and Fingbox, aim to give a measure of realistic speeds achievable with real internet services and not a formal speed sustainable only within the “last mile”.

We partner with Measurement Lab (M-Lab), is one of the most trusted independent labs for network measurement, backed by academic institutions and used by Google and other large internet companies.

To compute speed scores, Fing considers any internet provider with a minimum relevant number of tests and sources for the period. For each provider, we compute the minimum and maximum average and standard deviation metrics to use in a Z-score algorithm. Country and city populations for providers are then aggregated, by also weighting their contribution of different test sources. The score for each provider is the estimated percentile combined for download and upload, where download makes 80% and upload 20%.

The same process is used to compute a Global Score (G-Score) so we have a global ISP scoreboard that allows us to compare ISPs and countries. Fing ISP scores are expressed asstars in Fing App with a range from 0 to 5. 

Fing users have also been sharing how they feel and what they think about their ISPs by rating them from 0 to 5 ‘hearts’ in Fing App and adding comments to back up the reason for the given score.  The speed test data has spoken…

Top 20 countries for internet speed scores

Global Internet Speed Test rankings chart of top countries

Global internet speed test scores chart of top 20 countries Singaporean internet speeds are really impressive and earn Singapore first place in the country rankings. As you can see, Northern Europe is by far the best region for fast internet connections taking 5 of 15 top spots.

Your country hasn’t made the cut? Check out our heat map below to see the global internet performance view. Northern Europe and North America are leading the way, followed by Southern Europe, Russia, China and Oceania. Africa and Latin America are, perhaps unsurprisingly, lagging behind.  

global internet speed performance map of speed

Top 20 countries based on Fing Community user ratings & reviews

Based on the previous data, you’d expect people from Northern Europe and North America to be happy with their providers, right? Well, in fact, feedback from Fing users around the world shows some mixed feelings. Some countries with low-speed scores have positive user sentiment! This is more prevalent in emerging regions where consumers may perceive a higher value of service from their ISP. In particular, people in certain African and Latin America countries are really happy with their ISPs, as are those in India and Pakistan. 

global internet speed test rating table of setniment and performance



How people in the US feel about their Internet Providers


Let’s take a closer look. The East Coast is leading the way with the best average speed score, with Texas also ranking well.

However, it turns out that most people aren’t particularly happy with their service as you can see from the user rating heat map. And counter-intuitively, people in North Dakota are less satisfied with their decent connection speeds while people in South Dakota are more satisfied with slower speeds.

We’ll be back very soon with another issue of Global Internet Speed Rankings by Fing where we’ll deep dive into the best-performing and best-loved ISPs.

Posted by Gabriele Colosimo & Marco Gatto, Fing Engineering Team.


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Global Internet Speed Rankings by Fing

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