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Fingbox is now on IFTTT

Connect your home with IFTTT & Fingbox. 

Fingbox is now available on IFTTT for all Fingbox owners. After a one-month beta with 2000 early testers, this release is now rolled-out for all! We’re excited for you to get started.

IFTTT connects the devices, services and apps you love. Now you can use Fingbox's presence detection technology to trigger actions on your favourite IFTTT-enabled apps and services, making it easier than ever to get more from your smart home set-up!

Try the ready to use connections between your Fingbox and favourite connected things. There are over 30 Fingbox connections already available on IFTTT to get you started.

Image of IFTTT logo for Fingbox

Create your own IFTTT connections

Got ideas for your own IFTTT-powered experiences? Create connections quickly and easily and then share with the IFTTT Community for others to use too.

You can also vote for the most useful connections and help other Fingbox users  

Visit your enabled connections and give it a quick Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down and share your comments. We’ll use this feedback to keep improving.

Image of IFTTT applet voting system for Fingbox

Some of our Favorite Fingbox Applets

Light things up

When someone arrives home set the Philips Hue lights to turn on automatically. Try it out

Image of Hues Lights automation with Fingbox

Reduce energy costs

Turn off Nest thermostat heating when Fingbox detects everyone has left the house. Try it out

Image of Nest automation with Fingbox

Play a tune

Have Sonos play your favourite tracks when Fingbox detects you’re nearby or turn off the music when everyone has left. Try it out

Image of Sonos automation with Fingbox

Unknown device alerts

Keep your home network secure by receiving a text or phone call when Fingbox spots an unknown device. Try it out

Image of unknown device alerts with IFTTT and Fingbox

Getting started

Get started with Fingbox on IFTTT

Read FAQs about Fingbox and IFTTT on the Knowledge Base

Feedback from Fing Beta testers

Better late than never - now have control of @fingapp with @ShortcutLabs though @IFTTT - AWESOMENESS ACHIEVED!

— Peter Birkholm-Buch (@peterbb) January 11, 2019

Oh I'm SO up for this! Partner API access was too expensive for a home DIY programmer and this will complete my smart home, as only Fing can accurately update me on presence.

— Marc Roberts (@marcusjroberts) January 8, 2019



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Fingbox is now on IFTTT

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