Is The Domain For Lease Or Sale?

We are currently biased toward keeping ownership of the domain.

A sale is possible but probably a remote chance.

We will look at great LEASE, PARTNERSHIP and SALE offers, keeping in mind:

Pronounceable 4-letter .com's ending I-N-G are high value.

Somebody chose B-I-N-G for a reason.

Somebody else chose R-I-N-G for a reason.

Others chose T-I-N-G, N-I-N-G and D-I-N-G and so on.

And we bought in 2004 for a significant sum.

Make A Buy Offer For

We will look at great BUY offers, keeping in mind:

We will use to transact the sale.

Buyer can make installment payments (plus interest) up to 5 years.

Buyer gets use of the domain/s but no ownership until paid in full.

No p00rn, hacker, spam, illicit or shady business during payment period.

Make A Lease Offer For

We will look at great LEASE offers, keeping in mind:

Lessee gets use of the domain but no ownership. No "lease to own."

Lease duration is negotiable. Long term possible. Escalator possible.

Shorter trial period OK, with option for long term contract.

No p00rn, hacker, spam, illicit or shady business.

Make A Partnership Offer For

We will look at great PARTNERSHIP offers, keeping in mind:

This type of deal is essentially a domain licensing deal for your product.

Partner gets no ownership of domain/s.

Partner gets use of domain/s in exchange for % of sales.

Existing businesses with cash flow favored.

New businesses without cash flow should buy or lease.

We are likely not interested in any active role in the business.

An exception might be beverages, microbrew, energy bars etc.

No p00rn, hacker, spam, illicit or shady business.

NOTE: Our non-partisan "radical" freedom blog will be moved...

...Unless you want non-partisan "radical" freedom branding...

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